Year 3 Discover the Roman Empire

Year 3 Discover the Roman Empire

Year 3 boys and girls travelled back 1,974 years to AD43, when the Roman Empire had finally reached Britain, during a trip to the Corinium Museum in Cirencester. The visit involved a lot of hands-on experiences and combined several of Lower School's subjects in one fell swoop: the group learnt about the history of the Romans and how they lived, worked and fought. They also used their art skills to draw objects that they liked and took notes in order to aide their creative writing based on the Thieves of Ostia. 


Here is what some of the children had to say about the day:

“I saw a seal on a ring – it was called an intaglio ring.”

“The men in the Roman Army wore chain mail, a helmet and had a sword by their side.”

“Cirencester was originally called Corinium Dobunnorum and was the second largest settlement in Britain.”

“I enjoyed learning about how the fort turned into a village as more of the local people began to trade with the Romans.”

“I went to the activity room and dressed as a Roman.”

“I thought the Roman coins were really cool; the rings looked really old; I felt heavy strong Roman armour and we got to see the mosaics and one had Medusa on it.”

“I learned that Romans used honey to sweeten their food and drinks.”


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