Year 4 All Aboard!

Year 4 All Aboard!

 Year 4 had an incredible start to the week when they took a trip to Bristol to visit the SS Great Britain! As part of their Explorers and Adventurers topic, the class decided to see how Victorian people would have travelled, and learned about the significance of this mighty vessel. The boys and girls were lucky enough to have a tour of the ship, a workshop about the famous engineer behind its design, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, and even managed to investigate the dry dock below the ship! 

Everyone learned a huge amount, like how the SS Great Britain it was the first luxury liner with a hull made of steel - we couldn't believe it didn't sink! We investigated what it would have been like to be a passenger on board, both in the First class deck and the Lower class area and had a great time dressing up for a mock SS Launch party.

The children had a great time, and even managed time for lunch on the docks whilst avoiding the sea gulls!


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