Year 8 Build Teaching Skills

Year 8 Build Teaching Skills

Over the past few weeks, Year 8 Science scholars have been busy preparing to become teachers for the day. They were challenged to teach a Science lesson of their choice to Year 4 pupils in Lower School. 


After much deliberation, the topics chosen were ‘Healthy Eating’ and ‘Forces'. Using their Science lessons and their own time, they prepared their own important resources and power point slides, which ensured the lessons were both entertaining and extremely informative. The Year 4 pupils working on ‘Healthy Eating’ had several tasks to complete, starting with sorting the food groups, finding out what each food group does for their bodies and moving on to understanding the importance of a balanced diet. The pupils learning about ‘Forces’ experienced a mix of information and games to really show what they had understood and had great fun learning about this topic.


The Year 8 pupils conducted themselves superbly and acted as true role models and excellent teachers. The Year 4 pupils are hoping that they might be able to pop back before the end of the year to deliver another interesting lesson.

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