Young Scientists' Day

Young Scientists' Day

Last Friday saw 35 Year 5 pupils from primary schools throughout Gloucestershire taking part in a Young Scientists' Day at Cheltenham Prep as part of the Cheltenham Science Festival. 

This year the activities looked at various things that related to the Second World War giving the children a sense of some of the issues that effected people all those years ago.

Gill Barrett, Director of Learning at Cheltenham Prep said "All of the pupils had a very exciting day at Cheltenham Prep. From creating paint in chemistry to learning about penicillin in biology and building their own rocket cars in CDT all of the children had a chance to experience some hands-on science and technology. The only casualty of the day was a window at the far end of the corridor used for testing the rocket cars - clearly they were more powerful than expected! At the end of the day the children were treated to a brief talk and demonstration by Professor Andrea Sella followed by an enormous cake in the shape of a tank crossing a battlefield! Definitely a day these young scientists won't forget."


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