Architectural Experience

Architectural Experience

On Monday, 8 October three U6 students; Terrence So, Terrence Shum and Sophie Wilkinson were given the opportunity to visit the offices of Heath Avery Partnerships, the architects of Westal, the new girls’ Boarding House, and to meet Charles Cox, principal architect and OC.

The day provided valuable insight into Architecture as a career as well as giving the pupils some practical tips on how to use portfolios to enhance University applications. The three students plan to return to the practice in the future for on-going work experience and have also been invited to meet with Mr Cox on site as the Westal building work progresses.   

Terrence So also used this opportunity to present his design of an ideal house to real life Architects in a Dragon style environment. He presented both a design model and a website and the feedback and constructive criticism he gained was invaluable. So much so in fact that his Independent Project on his ideal house warranted runner-up prize in a field of 125 participants. Well done!


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