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Badminton at College is going from strength to strength.  We are proud that we are able to offer students a flourishing club that gives them the chance to develop their skills through structured training and through fixtures with other schools, such as Abingdon, Malvern College, Bromsgrove and Cheltenham Ladies’ College.  We are able to put out two teams of boys and two teams of girls.  

Badminton is offered for the Autumn and Spring terms; during these terms, students pursue a training programme of three training sessions a week, with an extra session for the top players on Fridays.  The club provides those who are unpersuaded by the pleasures of the major sports with an excellent form of exercise that is fun too.  An equal share of boys and girls from absolute beginners to county champions enjoy the club; we make it our priority to provide all levels with an entertaining and purposeful experience.  The club recently featured in the Gloucestershire Echo.  

At present, the club benefits from an exceptional crop of young players from Hong Kong whose growing mastery of the game is a joy to watch.  These top players help the new and emerging players while being given opportunities to challenge the best in the county.  The College is proud to boast the U17 Boys Singles’ County Champion, Andy Chan (Xt), and the County Ladies’ Champion, Carman Ma (Ch).  The overall captain of the club this year is Tiger Chen (NH).

Badminton is coached by Mr Sol Griffiths, a qualified coach and a leading player, and is run by Dr Luke Davidson of the English Department.  Prospective players are encouraged to get in touch with him, while parents are encouraged to keep track of the fortunes of the club through