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Boyne House

Life for the members of Boyne House is as full and varied as you could wish for. Boys come from a number of different Prep Schools. A broad cross-section of academic, sporting and outdoor activities make for a diverse, well-rounded and close-knit community.

Boyne House is the oldest boarding House at College and probably even the oldest school boarding House of the Victorian era, as Sir Matthew Wood conceived the idea for the House in 1840. Throughout its history, the Boyne House spirit has always been strong and we are proud that at our Brooksmithite (as the old boys of Boyne House are known) annual reunions, we welcome back boys who have gone on to a broad spectrum of careers with notable success in the fields of politics, exploration, scientific research and business; a firm foundation on which each of the current Boyne House boarders can build and a history to be proud of. 

In addition to the very experienced team of House Tutors and matrons, my family play a central role in making Boyne House a home away from home. My wife teaches Latin and Classics at College, while I have previously been Head of Geography and CCF Contingent Commander and am now the Senior Housemaster. Our children, Jemima and Jasper, are both at Cheltenham Prep and, along with Noodle the miniature Dachshund, are very much part of life in House.

To find out more about us, please do come and visit; my family, the House staff and the boys would all be delighted to meet you. Please do also read the latest editions of our House newsletter, The Hoot, which will give you a real insight into the daily lives and achievements of our community. 

Richard Penny, Boyne Housemaster