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In 1893, a Rev. Holmes wrote, 'We know as much of the history of cricket as we shall ever know now, and we have been told everything relating to the science of the game. There is no fresh ground to be explored'.

No doubt the good parson is turning in his grave at the astonishing change the last century has wrought on a game in which he saw no new possibilities. In terms of science and sports medicine in particular, the last several decades have heralded a flurry of research into every aspect of the game. Those who play it, coach it, administer it, watch and love it are aware, to greater and lesser degrees, that the game to which they devote their time, and from which they gain great pleasure, is complex, rich, intriguing, demanding and occasionally infuriating.

Like all sports, cricket is a glittering dream to some, and a source of bitter disappointment to a much greater majority. Those to whom it remains a gentle and gentlemanly game played in whites on the village green might be shocked to know of the dizzying hope and heartbreak the game can engender. Cricket is a game of pressure. The higher the level it is played at, the greater the pressure becomes. Cricket is stressful, nerve-wracking, and mentally and physically exhausting, but it is always a 'pleasure'.

Cheltenham College enjoys a long standing tradition of cricket. Home of the famous 'Cheltenham Cricket Festival'. Gloucestershire County Cricket Club played its first game at Cheltenham College 137 years ago, making this one of the longest running cricket festivals in the world. The College setting reflects the traditions associated with such an established event, and the College Chapel and Cotswold Hills provide an ideal backdrop to it all.

The greats of the past, W.G Grace, the modern, Andrew Strauss and present day Cheltonians have all been fortunate to play on such wonderful grounds. We currently have both boys' and girl's cricket teams, all of whom enjoy great success.

2012 Fixtures

Pre Season - Friday 13th April - Monday 16th April

Block Fixtures:

  • Saturday 21st April - Wellington
  • Saturday 28th April - Radley
  • Saturday 5th May - Exeat
  • Saturday 12th May - Clifton
  • Saturday 19th May - Oratory
  • Saturday 26th May - Rugby
  • Saturday 2nd June - Gloucestershire Gipsies & Speech Day

Half Term

  • Saturday 16th June - Marlborough
  • Saturday 23rd June - St Edward's Oxford
  • Saturday 30th June - Term Ends.
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