GCSE results published

GCSE results published

College pupils are celebrating a strong set of GCSE results, with many outstanding individual performances. Overall, 83% of all papers sat were graded A*- B. Of all the examinations taken, 25% were graded A* and a further 30% graded A. This performance follows the second consecutive year of record-breaking A Level results that the Sixth Formers achieved last week.

All pupils sat the International GCSE (IGCSE) in Maths, English Language, English Literature, Science, Geography and History alongside GCSEs in other subjects. Academically more rigorous than their GCSE counterparts, these examinations require pupils to study, understand and question more deeply. Some IGCSEs are not, however, recognised by the Government’s Qualifications and Curriculum Authority and may therefore be automatically excluded from official school league tables.

Dr Alex Peterken, Headmaster commented: “Our pupils have worked extremely hard this year, especially given how many International GCSEs they took in place of the standard GCSE examination. The IGCSE is a highly demanding examination that challenges pupils not only in their knowledge, but in how they think and apply their learning. Achieving high standards in these examinations will give them the best possible preparation for A Levels, as well as top universities courses.”

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