Headmaster's Prize 2013

Headmaster's Prize 2013

Congratulations to the whole of the Third Form, all of whom submitted an independent project for the Headmaster's Prize 2013. This is the second year that we have run the Prize and the second year that every project was submitted on time. The quality and range of work was quite outstanding and while the prizewinners (detailed below) deserve to be highly commended, every pupil should be congratulated for the effort put in. 

Over the Christmas holidays, the whole year group was tasked with the project, based on the theme of ‘The Senses’. They could interpret the theme and format their project as they wished – the idea was to get them to think outside the mainstream curriculum and to be creative in their thinking. It was a chance for them to explore an interest in depth and to start developing the kind of independent learning skills that will help them stand out from the crowd. 

The range of work was really quite astounding and included movies, posters, games, textiles and DT projects, essays, scrapbooks, storyboards and many more.The range of interpretations was no less varied; as well as the traditional senses, pupils explored areas such as a sense of duty; the sense of fear; a sixth sense; the sense of awe and a sense of responsibility. Projects submitted included; a recycled solar powered lamp on a motion sensor to denote ‘a sense of responsibility towards the environment, an exploration of the senses through cake baking, a video documentary on the ‘sense of hate’ and a baby mat with different fabrics sewn onto the surface to awaken the sense of touch. Plus many many more! 

Every single project was handed in on time and was marked this term by tutors and teachers. The Headmaster and two Sixth Form prefects then judged the projects and chose overall prize-winners and commendations. The prizes will be awarded at the end of this term in the Headmaster's Assembly and since half term, the projects have been on display in an Open Exhibition for parents and pupils to view.

Miss Proudlove, Head of Third Form, commented: "Independent learning is an extremely important skill and this project is designed to help pupils develop that skill right from the outset of their time at College.  We wanted to give our pupils an opportunity to challenge themselves, to think creatively and to have the freedom to express themselves in whatever medium they choose. The standard of projects was even higher than last year and choosing the winners was an almost impossible task. While I am delighted for the prize winners, I am also extremely proud of the way in which the whole year group not only rose to the challenge but celebrated each other’s work. Viewing the Exhibition has been a fascinating insight into the breadth of talent within the year group and every pupil deserves to be congratulated.”

Quotes from pupils 
"I got a huge amount out of the project - not only was I able to do some art which I love but I learnt how to paint camouflage and how to look at the painting in more detail so that I could get the right colour." Jack Burns 

"I most enjoyed the challenge of writing my review and summing up my project - these were new skills for me." Josh Dowley 

"I learned how easy it is to make something from recycled materials in and around the household. I also learned lots about how to use new tools and about solar energy which I will be able to apply to future class projects." Josh Stanton

Main prizewinners 

Overall winner – a video documentary, “A Sense of Hate” by Elias Hirsi

Runners up - A recycled solar powered lamp (on a motion sensor), “A Sense of Responsibility” by Josh Stanton and a video documentary, “The Sense of Fear” by Molly Caesar

For the full list of prizewinners, please click here

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