Holst Museum visit!

Holst Museum visit!

Last week Year 2 spent a fantastic morning at Cheltenham’s Holst Museum. They got to explore the house were Gustav Holst lived, including the room where he was born, his playroom and the piano where he performed his famous Planets Suite. All the children agreed that his house was certainly different to their own homes. 

Afterwards the children had the chance to become scullery maids and perform chores just like Holst’s ‘Maid of All Work’ Julie Giles. The children were fantastically behaved and a credit to the school. Well done Year 2! 

Pupils comments:

“The head maid was very strict - she made us work!” 

“Holst looked moody in his pictures because he was shy.”

‘’The bedrooms had chamber pots and the toilet was outside!” 

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