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Harry Potter has done a huge amount to promote boarding schools over recent years and he has also helped inform new parents about House Systems. If you exchange Quidditch for hockey, fighting dragons for rugby and then add a couple more Houses, Cheltenham Prep is much the same!

We have 6 Houses, each named after classical places in Ancient History: Athens, Corinth, Persia, Rome, Sparta and Troy (shown in their House colours.)

Unlike Harry Potter, our Houses comprise of both girls and boys and day and boarding from Years 3 to Years 8. Meetings are held weekly to develop a team ethic amongst all members of the House, as well as to check up on how the House competitions are going. These run throughout the year and the Houses compete keenly across a wide range of disciplines from Music to Maths and from Cross Country to Cricket.

There are also many social House events that run through the three terms. Recently, pupils have enjoyed magical entertainment evenings, a quiz and curry night, a laser tag session and barbecues to name but a few. Perhaps the most anticipated event is the House Dinner which takes place on alternate years. The House System is a vital part of every child's experience at The Prep, giving them the opportunity to build a sense of pride and identity, as well as mixing with a broad cross-section of the school community.