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For many years the College has supported a variety of orphanage and school projects in Romania. Hundreds of Cheltonians have travelled to Romania to help with decorating, building and recreational activities with some very disadvantaged children and teenagers. In the last decade focus switched to Kenya and Gogar primary school. Here pupils have undertaken several annual expeditions helping to develop the school facilities. Some more information on Gogar and Shamrock can be found below:

Gogar Primary School Project

Gogar Primary School is situated north of Nairobi near the town of Nakuru in the Rift Valley. College has been running this project since 2004 and over that period has funded the building of classrooms and latrines, a water-collecting system, and landscaping of the school grounds. We have also built and stocked a library.

When we started our work, Gogar Primary had roughly the same number of pupils as College. But there the comparison ends. Now it has grown to over 800 pupils, partly because its reputation and educational standards have improved with our input and support. Most important is the mutually beneficial nature of this project. It provides an experience which makes all those who go on it reassess their values.

Shamrock School Project

Shamrock School is a boarding school in the city of Pokhara, Nepal. There are places for approximately 60 children from 9 to 16 years old. Some of the students are disabled; many have no parents or family and most are from desperately poor backgrounds.

The School is providing high quality education for intelligent and motivated children of promise without the necessary means for a decent education. These children aspire to be doctors, engineers, nurses, teachers and other professionals.

In addition to the core aim of providing education for the school students, Shamrock is also involved in a range of other development activities. With the general aim of making the world a better place by being positive, proactive, responsible citizens of the community, the School arranges teacher training, runs adult literacy classes, provides health and hygiene advice and increases environmental awarenesss in the wider community. College has long supported Shamrock and students and staff are now travelling to Shamrock regularly.