Poly-phones workshop

Poly-phones workshop

Tuesday 9th October saw the whole of Year 6 take part in music workshops playing poly-phones. 

To the uninitiated, they are part of the current trend of playing 'junk-percussion' instruments - such as you would find in the 'Stomp' stage show playing in the West End. 

The poly-phones are a series of industrial quality drain-pipes cut to varying lengths to make different pitches that you hit the end of with a rubber bat (similar to a table tennis paddle), and the children worked throughout the day on building up pieces of music in different parts. There was even a special instrument that they all had a go on with lots of different notes tuned to make a blues scale, so they all had fun taking turns to improvise over the top of the piece they had all made together on the other instruments. 

This workshop forms part of the on-going development of the CCJS music department, and the increased musical provision being made for all the pupils at the school.

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