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If you said the word "Chapel" to a Cheltenham Prep pupil, some of them would picture the place whilst others would think of the services - and, of course, both are right. The Chapel building is magnificent. Its glorious soaring architecture lifts the hearts and minds of all who enter it, giving them space to think and reflect, to pray and to worship. Chapel provides pupils with a firm foundation on which to build their lives and teaches them the value of justice, peace, love, compassion, forgiveness and integrity - things which are central to the Christian way of life, and indeed to all humanity.

Most weeks, there is a chapel service for pupils from Lower School, Middle School and Upper School.  The readings are done by Year 8 pupils and the service is led by the Chaplain or the Headmaster, with a variety of different speakers.  There are also Sunday services, which celebrate particular events, such as Harvest, Advent and, of course, Christmas.

Services maintain a formality, using a structure which encourages a time to think, but it has also been fun to see lots of interaction between the speaker and the children, with a variety of visual illustrations to keep everyone's attention!