Samba percussion workshop

Samba percussion workshop

The whole of Y8 were involved in a Samba percussion workshop. They learnt about the different percussion instruments used in Samba music, about the origins of where the music came from, and how to play music as if they were in a carnival procession. 

This started (very loudly) in the Assembly Hall, and then moved outside for the last part of the afternoon. The kids drew a large and appreciative crowd of parents, staff and pupils who were all drawn to the loud music going on in the playground! Much fun was had by all, and it has sparked much interest in percussion as an instrument to learn. 

This workshop formed part of the Music Department's continuing plan to expose the pupils at CCJS to as wide a variety of music as possible. There is a 'junk percussion' (whacking drainpipes, etc!) workshop coming up for Y6, a 'Beat-Boxing' workshop later in the year for Y7 and a 'Song-Writing' workshop for Y8 in the summer term.

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