scientists for the day

scientists for the day

Lower School had a fantastic experiment filled day on Thursday when they took part in Science Day. They were all involved in a variety of different activities, such as making a Mars Lander to safely land an egg on Mars without cracking the shell, and they even got to make their very own alien goo! As well as taking part in these wonderful activities, they had to answer and investigate questions such as ‘does your sense of smell affect your taste buds?’ and ‘are some liquids denser then others?' 


Here are some of the things we learnt and enjoyed:
“I learnt that my tongue has over 100,000 taste buds on it but that 75% of our taste comes from smell.”
“I didn’t realise that golden syrup was denser than oil and it stayed at the bottom of the glass.”
“I loved it when Mrs Coley showed us how dry ice works!”
“Making goo was my favourite- it was so messy! When you didn’t move it, the goo turned into liquid but when we pressed it it turned into a solid.” 


“I enjoyed building bridges. The one that used triangles was SO much stronger!”
“It was so fun building a Mars lander, it’s a shame that we broke our egg though!”
“I didn’t realise it would be so hard to tell what fruit I was eating when I couldn’t see or smell it! I thought it was a tomato but it was actually a grape!!” 

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