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Within the shooting community, Cheltenham College is known as one of the best performing schools. Our shooting team regularly features in the top ten during the four day 'Schools Meeting' at Bisley during July.

During the winter months our own five-lane 25 yard range is open almost every day, giving pupils the opportunity to shoot as part of the activities programme, or just to drop in for a practice shoot. A competitive edge is provided by our series of ‘standards’ with pupils striving to progress up the standards ladder. We also have several shoulder-to-shoulder matches, a postal competition and the Squires Cup (the House competition). During the Summer Term, we focus on outdoor shooting, visiting Bisley ranges in Surrey and shooting from distances up to 1,000 yards. We also have access to a local 100 yard range for practice.

Shooting is one of the few sports where neither age nor gender is relevant - everyone is deemed equal. Our team consists of several pupils from each year group, helping build confidence in our younger team members and leadership skills in the more senior.