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Third Form

In the Third Form, our aim is to provide teaching that helps pupils to acquire a broad knowledge base and the skills that will enable them to flourish in their subsequent GCSE and IGCSE courses. This is achieved by:

  • ensuring that every pupil is confident in using the essential tools of their subjects, regardless of what has been covered before College;
  • getting all pupils to work hard and together;
  • introducing pupils to the independent study skills needed for success at GCSE, A Level, and university;

In addition, we seek to:

  • emphasise the fundamental values of the College community through Chapel and House life;
  • provide a stimulating range of activities and sports, so that each pupil can broaden his or her range of interests.

Curriculum life is a busy one.  Please refer to the Third Form Curriculum Handbook for a breakdown of subjects.

There are ability sets in Languages, Maths,  Science and the Humanities, and mixed-ability classes for the other subjects. Every pupil is allocated a tutor, who takes half the year group in a House and who remains tutor throughout Lower College. Tutors teach PSHCE, meet tutees briefly every morning, and have regular one-to-one meetings to discuss how things are going.

Finally, we also have a Head of English as an Additional Language, Miss Helen Davies and a Director of Learning, Dr Mary Plint. Dr Plint oversees the testing of all new entrants, talks to parents, previous schools and teachers; arranges classes; co-ordinates all special exam arrangements. There is a charge for some classes.