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What Our Boarders Have To Say

At 7am we wake up in our cosy beds and sleepily make our way to the bathroom to run combs through our hair and brush our teeth before getting into our uniform and heading down to the Dining Hall for breakfast. (If it’s a Sunday though we get a lie in and a fabulous cooked breakfast!) 

And then it’s a day of lessons with everyone else: once the day children leave though the school is OURS! 

Of course we do prep, but we are lucky and always have one or two teachers around to answer our questions and help with things we don’t quite understand (much better than at home where Dad isn’t much help) and, of course, we are free from those annoying distractions that you get at home – we think that’s why many of us do so well when we get to Common Entrance and Scholarships.  We also have our Gap students to help us with our work – it’s like having a helpful big brother/sister always there. 

When our prep is done we have Boarders Tea – the food is really good generally, but it’s even better in the evening when it’s just us being cooked for!  Sometimes we have “proper” dinners where we get a bit dressed up and sit and talk. 

After dinner we get to do lots of activities – it feels like we have the whole school and lots of people to play with. We have ball sports in the barn with Mr Simpson and Mr Wells on Mondays and Thursday, Tuesday we have the brilliant pirate ship in the pool – just for us, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday we get the whole pool to swim in if we want to.

If it’s the weekend Mr and Mrs Wells organise really fun things for us: horse riding, climbing, mountain boarding, the cinema – but the very best trip of all is to Drayton Manor – amazing! When the evening activities are finished we make our way back to our dorms, shower, brush our teeth and settle down for bedtime stories before drifting off to sleep. 

The best things about boarding? Getting to know the teachers better, being more independent, having lots of different people to talk to, knowing the school better than the day children.

So come and join us for a night or two and see what you’re missing!