The 5Cs Character

Developing skills and an attitude to succeed in the complex society we have; showing sound judgement, compassion and integrity.

Every member of College brings a unique personality, strengths and a range of interests to our community. However, we all share a common strength of character that is developed during our time here.

College life helps us to form this character on a daily basis, from working together to complete challenges in the classroom to taking on leadership positions within the school, there is always the opportunity to grow.

This growth is not just confined to within College. Pupils complete charitable and community work on a weekly basis, volunteering and fundraising for a range of causes across the town and region.

Reflection is an important part of character development and so regular College FLOREAT periods provide an opportunity for everyone to reflect on their own growth in a supportive and open session with a member of staff.


“Every year at College I have taken on some sort of leadership. After my very nervous first year of captaining the Hockey team, I feel much more confident now and am now also President of the History Society.”

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