A commitment to the service of others and a readiness to contribute to the common good.

Community is at the heart of life at College. We gather together each weekday for a whole school Chapel service, which offers a time for reflection and also the recognition of individual successes. Community then continues to run through all aspects of the day and week, both within College and outside of the school site.

During the school year, College pupils are involved in a range of community activities across Cheltenham and the local region. Volunteering and fundraising at for various causes nurtures an instinctive spirit of philanthropy and fosters a strong sense of the importance of community within all of our pupils. This clear connection and work with important causes also raises awareness of real-life issues locally, nationally and internationally. It provides experiences that are invaluable during applications to Higher Education and entry into the world of work.

I think Chapel is every Old Cheltonian’s favourite place in College. We all appreciate how fortunate we were to have such a space to come together in. There is nothing quite like the whole school belting out ‘Jerusalem’ together.

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