The 5Cs Creativity

Developing interests and talents beyond the classroom, and developing spiritual, moral and aesthetic awareness.

Creativity at College is valued and encouraged. It sparks new ideas, new inspiration and connection between us all as we discover our potential together.

There are opportunities everywhere for pupils to develop and demonstrate their creativity at College. In the classroom, all subjects offer the opportunity for creative and analytical thinking, with pupils encouraged to approach, discuss and tackle academic challenges creatively using different approaches.

Creativity is also a common thread through our co-curricular offering, whether it is displayed as part of manoeuvres with the combined Cadet Force, or during in house crafting activities, creative minds are always encouraged to flourish.

Since starting at College I have learned how to use my creativity not just in the classroom, but to get creative when I need to relax or be mindful too. Creative activities in house have been a great way to connect with the other girls.

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