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How We Care

How We Care

Your child’s happiness and progress in Kingfishers is the result of a partnership between you, your child and us. We will communicate with you throughout your child’s time here to encourage this partnership. 

Our partnership sits alongside an ethos that believes kindness and consideration for others is at the heart of a happy child.  

We have six golden rules that reflect our ethos: 

  1. We are gentle (we don’t hurt others)  
  2. We are kind and helpful (we don’t hurt anybody’s feelings)  
  3. We listen (we don’t interrupt)  
  4. We are honest (we don’t cover up the truth)  
  5. We work hard (we don’t waste our own or others’ time)  
  6. We look after property (we don’t waste or damage things) 

Our golden rules are demonstrated in the classroom through stories and role play and in our assembly themes. We also reinforce them outside the classroom. At playtime, teachers hand out ‘leaf rewards’ to children who display the golden rules. These are officially recognised in our assemblies by our Head, who awards the leaves to the children. 

It’s an approach that ensures every child learns how to be a happy, kind and positive member of our community.