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How We Learn

How We Learn

In Kingfishers our aim is to encourage every child’s natural curiosity and love of discovery.  

We encourage our pupils to learn through experience and participate in deciding how and what we learn. For example, at the start of each topic, your child’s teacher will ask him or her what they would like to learn and to set their own goals. These aims will sit alongside all the knowledge, skills and understanding your child needs to achieve as part of the national standards set for learning and development in England. By doing this, we can make sure your child is an active learner who is independent and motivated to learn for themselves.  

We have small class sizes so we can focus on each individual – a maximum of eight pupils to one teacher in Nursery and Reception – and we believe in making learning fun.

In Nursery and Reception, your child will follow the Early Years Foundation Stage framework for England. In Years 1 and 2 we move to the National Curriculum for England and your child will study a wide range of subjects including English, Maths, Science and ICT. Alongside the core curriculum at all levels we also study Music and French. 

As your child moves through Kingfishers they will develop an excellent foundation in learning to take with them in their next step. Perhaps more importantly, they will have developed a love of knowledge that will last a lifetime.