Becoming a sustainable school

Cheltenham College is committed to making a positive contribution to our environment and society by continually making improvements to our own sustainability performance and by educating, supporting and inspiring our community to achieve collective impactful change.

Whilst sustainability has always been an important consideration for the College, in recent years it has received renewed focus with the development of a dedicated Sustainability Strategy, to outline our vision and guide decision making, and the formation of collaborative groups across both schools to lead initiatives and drive positive change. 

Projects aim to make improvements by:

  • Reducing our direct impact on the environment through operational measures, making physical improvements to the estate to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint
  • Making changes to our policies and processes, with sustainability at the heart of decision making
  • Raising awareness and interest through dedicated initiatives and communications, fostering behaviour change amongst pupils and staff
  • Embedding sustainable learning and engagement opportunities in our educational and co-curricular activities
  • Working in partnership with the wider community


Strategy and Planning

Our Sustainability Strategy provides a holistic overview of our vision and objectives and defines our approach across key areas of work, including energy efficiency and enhancing biodiversity.

A Climate Action Plan sits alongside this, to provide a more detailed scope of our short and medium-term objectives and set out specific actions for the current academic year.