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Boarding Life

Boarding Life

Boarding At Weekends

Weekends at The Prep are special. There are around 40 Full-Time Boarders, the majority of which stay with us over the weekend. It means the warm sense of community continues throughout the week and your child will always feel at home.

On Saturday afternoons, our Boarders have free time to rest and unwind after sports matches and a busy week at school. Saturday evenings are Movie Nights – a chance to spend some ‘family time’ watching a choice of movies and enjoying some popcorn!

We organise outings and other activities for Sundays, the majority of which are off-site to give our Boarders time to refresh themselves away from school. Local trips have included bowling, cinema, trampolining, crazy golf and indoor climbing. Recent activities that have taken us further afield are a visit to a waterpark, a weekend away at Mrs Baird’s family farm, a day at a theme park, an afternoon at the zoo and even a trip to the Harry Potter Studios!

Boarding in the week

Life at the Boarding House in the week is carefully structured. It gives your child the balance he or she needs between achieving highly at school, developing as an individual and enjoying well-deserved leisure time.    

The evening Boarding House routine starts at 6.00pm with Boarders' Tea. The Houseparents, boarding tutors, matrons and gap students look after our Boarders during the course of the evening. There is a supervised prep session for the Year 7 and 8 pupils, as well as a range of evening activities, making the most out of the school facilities, such as: the swimming pool, sports halls, fields, astros, Design and Technology Centre or just relaxing in our communal common rooms.  

3 & 4
5 & 6
Year 7Year 8
6.00pm - 6.30pmTeaTeaTeaTea
6.30pm - 7.00pmMeeting & RegistrationMeeting & RegistrationPrep/ReadingPrep/Reading
7.00pm - 7.30pmFree time or activityFree time or activityMeeting & RegistrationMeeting & Registration
7.30pm - 8.00pmBun & drink, showerFree time or activityFree time or activityFree time or activity
8.00pm - 8.30pmQuiet activity/Quiet readingBun & drink, showerBun & drink, showerFree time or activity
8.30pm - 9.00pm8.30pm Lights OutQuiet activity/Quiet readingQuiet activity/Quiet readingBun & drink, shower
9.00pm - 9.30pm 9.00pm Lights Out9.15pm Lights OutQuiet activity/Quiet reading
9.30pm   9.30pm Lights Out

Keeping in touch with your child and the Boarding Family  

The cornerstone of our happy, caring home from home atmosphere is our partnership with you as a parent. You are very welcome to telephone or email our Boarding House team, as well as arrange an opportunity to talk in person. Drop-offs and pick-ups are a great opportunity to catch up with boarding staff after or before holidays. 

All Boarders have access to a landline telephone in the Boarding House at any time before bedtime. Mobile phones may be used to make calls and send texts, in moderation, at set times in the evenings and weekends. Your child will have their own email address provided by The Prep and they will be able to access their email accounts on the iMacs in the Common Rooms during free time. Skype and FaceTime are both available on these machines so you can enjoy a face-to-face conversation with your child too. Children love receiving letters and personal mail and all post is brought to the Boarding House daily.  

Our Boarders’ safety is our prime concern. Devices may only access the internet through the school’s dedicated ‘Pupil Wi-Fi’, which offers safe, filtered access to the internet. 

Details of our technology and communication policies can be found in our Parents’ Guide to Boarding at The Prep (PDF 1.71MB)