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Boarding Overview

Boarding Overview

The highlight of the Boarding House at The Prep is its warm, home from home atmosphere in which every child feels safe and supported.

The boys and girls who board with us are cared for by our boarding family. This is led by Mr Dickon Baird, Head of Boarding, who leads a team of experienced boarding tutors and matrons. As well as his role leading the Boarding House, Mr Baird is Head of History. He is ably assisted by his wife, Mrs Lucy Baird, who teaches Science to Years 6 to 8 in addition to being an integral part of the running of the Boarding House.

Mr and Mrs Baird live in a flat within the Boarding House, which enhances the sense of a family atmosphere and the happy, community feel.   

Boarders themselves also have a vital role to play in creating our welcoming environment; we encourage them to look out for one another and care for each other in the way they would a sibling.  

Weekends at The Prep are packed with activities both on and off site. It is one of the reasons that many military families choose The Prep, as well as local families and those from all over the world. Indeed, there are around 40 Full-Time Boarders, the majority of which stay with us over the weekend, providing a constant warm and friendly environment. 

You can choose Flexi Boarding or Full-Time Boarding for your child. Whichever option you choose, the school day your child experiences from 8.00am to 6.00pm will be the same whether they are a Flexi Boarder, a Full-Time Boarder or indeed a Day Pupil.   

Please read more about our boarding routine here.

You can also download our Parents’ Guide to Boarding at The Prep (PDF 558KB)