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For entrance into Year 7 at The Prep, we host an Entrance@11 weekend during November.

External candidates, who are in Year 6, join up with our own Year 6s for the Entrance@11 Experience Day. This is a day of fun, with games and enjoyable challenges designed for them to experience what life is really like here at Cheltenham Prep. 

The following day, the external candidates will take part in the Entrance@11 Assessment Day. Rather than stressful entrance exams or tests, we run verbal and non-verbal reasoning assessments that cannot be revised for. These are designed for us to be able to understand each child as a learner.

Whilst the main sessions take place in November, parents are welcome to apply for Year 7 entry at any time in the year as experience and assessment days can be organised on a case-by-case basis.

For more information or to register for our Entrance@11 programme, please email or call 01242 265 639.