Entrance@11 (Year 7 entry)

Each November we host an Entrance@11 Day for children who wish to join The Prep in Year 7.

The purpose behind the day is to give children a tied place; a September start in Year 7 at The Prep and a guaranteed place for Year 9 at College two years down the line, along with a chance to confirm their College House of choice. Giving children that security of knowing their next step is confirmed means that they can approach the important Upper School (Years 7 and 8) years at The Prep with confidence, rather than with uncertainty. The top years at a Prep School can be the best two years of a child’s education before they begin to think about GCSEs and further education. Knowing that you will be heading over the road with your friends allows you to get the very best out of your final years at The Prep.

The external candidates who are applying to join The Prep for Year 7 are invited to join in with our own Year 6 pupils for the Entrance@11 Day. The day is a balance between undertaking English and Maths assessments in a low pressure environment, before moving into a wide range of games and enjoyable challenges. A true Cheltonian is one who embraces all that is on offer at the school and therefore the day isn’t simply about academic assessments, but is about us getting to know the children as well as we possibly can.

We highly recommend that the external candidates who enter the process have a Taster Day at The Prep before the Entrance@11 Day. This not only gives us more time to get to know the children, but means that they will be more relaxed on the Entrance@11 Day as the surroundings are familiar and they already know some of the children, which should help to settle any nerves.

For more information, or to register for our Entrance@11 programme, please e-mail prepadmissions@cheltenhamcollege.org or call 01242 265639.


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