Developing Positive

Digital Character

Positive Digital Character

We are in the digital age. It is now almost certain that many of our pupils will in future be actively involved in leading new digital initiatives or online organisations. By developing their intellectual and moral tools in relation to the digital world, pupils will be encouraged to shape, define and reimagine the world we live in. They will be ready to take a lead role in transforming how we think with regard to the increasingly technological society in which we live.

At The Prep we have introduced a number of sector-leading initiatives to ensure that our pupils leave College ready to become a positive part of this future.

These initiatives are all designed to develop positive digital character. Digital character is more than just online skills and literacy. It is the development of intellectual and moral virtues that allow our pupils to become positive digital citizens. This goes further than simply being able to use technology (or take a digital-detox) but equips young people with the ability to make ‘good’ choices in an online environment, as well as an awareness of the connected ethical issues.

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