CCF Colour Sargeant Promotion

Recently, a number of pupils in the Combined Cadet Force (CCF) were promoted to the rank of Colour Sargeant. Jess (U6, Q) tells us about what CCF means to her and what she has learnt. 

“I joined CCF in Fourth Form not knowing quite what to expect, but since then I have benefited from so many opportunities; varying from leading a platoon to learning basic first aid and attending field days. CCF has taken me out of my comfort zone and has pushed me to try new things. Although we haven’t been able to do our usual weekly parade as a whole CCF contingent due to the pandemic, this year is still set to provide us with a range of different experiences.

This week I was pleased that my contribution to CCF was recognised through a promotion to the rank of Colour Sergeant. Promotions are a big part of CCF and although we weren’t able to award people with promotions and with a big parade, it still meant a lot to me to be awarded with this rank after being part of CCF for four years. I would like to say well done to everyone in the Upper Sixth who were also promoted and I would like to thank all of the staff for ensuring that we can continue to benefit from the experiences that CCF provides even in these different times. I would encourage anyone who is keen to challenge themselves to consider CCF as an activity and in my role as Colour Sergeant I look forward to helping everyone to get the most out of this incredible opportunity.”