Fees 2024-25

Fees at Cheltenham College cover many of the costs associated with providing a full education for pupils at College.  They are set and reviewed annually by  the members of Cheltenham College Council.

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  • Pre-Prep | Age 3-7
  • The Prep | Age 7-13
  • The College | Age 13-18

Pre-Prep | Age 3-7

  • Term
  • Year
Pre Prep Day per term Day per year
Year 1£3,575£10,725
Year 2£3,945£11,835

The Prep | Age 7-13

  • Term
  • Year
Prep Boarder per term Day per term Boarder per year Day per year
Year 3£8,040£5,290£24,120£15,870
Year 4£8,370£5,660£25,110£16,980
Year 5£10,330£7,915£30,990£23,745
Year 6£10,300£7,915£30,900£23,745
Year 7£10,500£8,075£31,500£24,225
Year 8£10,500£8,075£31,500£24,225

The Flexi-Boarding fee is charged at £52 per night.

The College | Age 13-18

  • Term
  • Year
College Boarder per term Day per term Boarder per year Day per year
Lower College (Years 9 - 11)£16,050£12,050£48,150£36,150
Upper College (Years 12 - 13)£16,475£12,475£49,425£37,425

The Day Boarding Supplement of £2,520 per term allows day boarding pupils to stay overnight in the Boarding House based on a termly limit which averages 37 nights per term over the academic year. The entitlement varies in line with the length of each term with 44 nights in the Autumn Term, 35 in Spring Term and 32 in Summer Term. Pupils whose overnight stays exceed each academic term’s entitlement will be charged £55 per additional night.


Due to the variety of activities, experiences and support on offer at College there are some items that are charged additionally to fees. To understand the charges that may appear on your College invoice, please click below.

Fees 2024-25

An update on Fees for 2024-25 from the Bursar of Cheltenham College.