Becoming a Sustainable School

Cheltenham College is committed to making a positive contribution to our environment and society by continually making improvements to our own sustainability performance and by educating, supporting and inspiring our community to achieve collective impactful change.

Renewable Futures

We are working to reduce our direct impact on the environment by making physical improvements to the estate.  

For new building projects we are incorporating renewable technologies where possible including solar PV panels, EV charging points and Air Source Heat Pumps.  

To improve the energy performance of our historic buildings, we are installing a new Building Management System alongside improved insulation and efficient heating and electrical equipment.  

Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders 

Sustainable learning and engagement opportunities are embedded in our educational, co-curricular and community volunteering activities.  

The Prep ‘Sustainability Super Squad’ are helping to raise awareness of environmental issues and participate in projects, from reducing food waste to supporting wildlife. 

Our College Sustainability Prefects are driving initiatives and communication campaigns to help foster behaviour change. 

A Circular Movement 

Our aim is to use resources considerately and efficiently by reducing our consumption of disposable products, extending the life of items such as old uniforms which can be re-used or re-purposed, and providing effective recycling facilities across the site.  

Giving Back to Nature 

We are continually working to make our operations more sustainable by evolving our policies and processes. 

Our beautiful gardens and grounds provide many opportunities for sustainable land management, from the installation of water-saving irrigation systems and rainwater capture to pollinator-friendly planting. 

Sustainability Strategy

Climate Action Report 2022-23

Climate Action Plan 2023-24