Goals & Aspirations

Cheltenham’s 5Cs: the Heart of Cheltenham College

Each pupil that joins Cheltenham College arrives with unique goals and aspirations, ready to discover and develop themselves. Life at Cheltenham offers the opportunity to spark and develop interests in a variety of areas in the classroom, on the sports pitches, the stage and beyond.

Throughout their time at Cheltenham, our pupils are supported at each step of their personal development by working alongside the 5Cs – Curiosity, Character, Community, Creativity and Continuous Excellence.

Pupils’ social development and collaboration are excellent. They base their approach on the school’s ethos of Curiosity, Creativity, Character, Community and Continuous excellence. Pupils demonstrate these qualities aptly through their passionate involvement in various programmes.

ISI, 2023


Intellectually, showing academic rigour & independent learning

All pupils at College are supported to develop a natural curiosity about the subjects that they study and the world around them. An inspired, curious mind is motivated to explore subjects, passions and interest more deeply. Curiosity helps us to make connections, expand our knowledge and opens up new opportunities. Pupils at College benefit from a range of clubs and societies that provide the opportunity to explore their interests in more depth.



Developing interests and talents beyond the classroom, and developing spiritual, moral and aesthetic awareness.

Creativity at College is valued and encouraged. It sparks new ideas, new inspiration and connection between us all as we discover our potential together. There are opportunities everywhere for pupils to develop and demonstrate their creativity at College. In the classroom, all subjects offer the opportunity for creative and analytical thinking, with pupils encouraged to approach, discuss and tackle academic challenges creatively using different approaches.



Developing skills and an attitude to succeed in the complex society we have; showing sound judgement, compassion and integrity.

Every member of College brings a unique personality, strengths and a range of interests to our community. However, we all share a common strength of character that is developed during our time here. College life helps us to form this character on a daily basis, from working together to complete challenges in the classroom to taking on leadership positions within the school, there is always the opportunity to grow.



A commitment to the service of others and a readiness to contribute to the common good.

Community is at the heart of life at College. We gather together each weekday for a whole school Chapel service, which offers a time for reflection and also the recognition of individual successes. Community then continues to run through all aspects of the day and week, both within College and outside of the school site.


Continuous Excellence

In all areas. Not giving up, and understanding that ‘hard work conquers all’.

Pupils at College are encouraged to achieve the highest standards in all that they do. Our pupils leave College ready to contribute to the global world of tomorrow. They continue to pursue continuous excellence in their next steps in life, whether this is in Higher Education, Apprenticeships, professional contracts or elsewhere.

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