Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Cheltenham College is committed to the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion and considers the promotion of equal opportunities as fundamental to the school’s aims and ethos.

Diversity is welcomed; it enriches our community and is vital in preparing pupils for today’s world. Cheltenham College aims for inclusion that enables individuals to feel comfortable being themselves. It is important to the school that all members of the community feel valued and can flourish. To this end, Cheltenham College is committed to equality of opportunity for pupils and staff. This underpins all parts of school life; for pupils, the curriculum, the co-curricular programmes and the social ethos.

The protected characteristics as set out in the UK Equality Act (2010) are age, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy and maternity, marriage and civil partnership and disability (the latter within the context of the Admissions Policy). The school is opposed to all forms of discrimination and work is undertaken with the school community, parents and other agencies to ensure that any form of discriminatory behaviour is taken seriously and measures put in place to prevent any repetition. Harassment in all its forms is unacceptable; Cheltenham College’s Behaviour, Anti-Bullying and Child on Child Abuse Policies contain clear procedures for dealing with discrimination.

Bursaries are an integral part of our approach to equal opportunities. The school’s aim is to enable as many as possible who meet the admission criteria to attend Cheltenham College. The Bursary Policy is thus made available on the school website.

Cheltenham College is seeking to increase the diversity of its staff body, recognising the importance of representation within the context of our multicultural society within and beyond College. Staff are selected on the basis of their professional suitability for the role and their ability to undertake required responsibilities.

Implementing the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion at Cheltenham College

All staff play an active role in implementing Cheltenham College’s Equality and Diversity Policy. Use is made of tutorials, assemblies, Floreat, Thrive and in the curricular and co-curricular programmes for staff to:

  • Promote tolerance of and respect towards others
  • Act as role-models in challenging any form of prejudice and raising awareness of protected characteristics
  • Foster open-mindedness and encouraging pupils to recognise and celebrate the contributions made by others, irrespective of age, sex, sexual orientation, ability, cultural heritage or faith
  • Understand why and how to deal with hurtful and offensive language and behaviour, whether overt or more subtle or indirect
  • Understand why any incidents are dealt with promptly and in a sensitively, supporting the party that has been hurt /offended and developing the understanding of the offender

Culture, ethnicity, race

Ability and difference


Requests for variations in the school uniform and school practice

Sex, sexual orientation and gender reassignment

Examples of initiatives to celebrate diversity

Celebration of Pride Month
Opt-in participation at Pride Picnic
Talks: What do we know about sex and gender?
Cultures Week
Ethnicities Week
Independently-commissioned survey to inform development of anti-racist culture
Bystander intervention campaign
Staff training: unconscious bias, racial literacy (How to speak confidently about race), Educate and Celebrate (LGBTQ+ awareness), LGBTQ+ listener


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