How we Care Pastoral

How we care (Pastoral)

A resilient, confident and happy child is a child who is free to focus on their learning and development. From the moment your child joins The Prep, everyone is dedicated to ensuring they thrive.

This starts with our partnership with you. We will develop a positive and proactive relationship with you that is based on regular contact and the sharing of information.

Your child will learn in small classes and have daily contact with their Form Taker. It means we can really get to know your child, their talents, interests and ambitions. It also means your child will always feel supported academically and pastorally in whatever they want to achieve.

Life at The Prep will give your child a wealth of opportunities and we will actively encourage them to grasp these in order to broaden their horizons and extend their learning. We foster a growth mindset and a ‘can-do’ attitude both inside and outside the classroom.

Our aim is to create an atmosphere in which your child can learn how to get the best out of themselves and each other and be unafraid to take risks and make mistakes, secure in the knowledge that this is part of their healthy development.

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