The Council is the name given to the governing body of College by the Cheltenham College Act 1894, the statute that established the basis of the school’s constitution as it is known today. Its role is clearly focused on governance: setting the strategic direction, vision and values of College and then holding the executive team to account for their delivery.

The Council is the governing body of both schools. It provides balance between the two schools ensuring that the needs and aspirations of each are properly taken into account whilst at the same time providing leadership that has the interests of Cheltenham College as a whole (College and The Prep) at its heart.

The email address for the President of Council is provided below. If you wish to speak to the President, please use the school’s contact details to request this. 

Council members can be contacted via the Secretary to Council at

The Council Members

President: Mr W J Straker-Nesbit

Deputy President: Mr D Stewart

Mr A Barr

Mr B Beardmore-Gray

Mr P Brettell

Mr C Cooper

Mrs Katy Dallimore

Ms G Elwood

Dr David Flower

Mrs Emma Hattersley

Miss Lucy Kallin

Ms D Kelly

Ms Claire Lehr

Mr D McNiffe

Mr N Roskilly

Reverend Canon K Wilkinson

Mrs C Willgoss

Secretary To Council - Mr J Champion

Governance FAQs

How does the Council of Cheltenham College differ from a Board of Governors?

Do the College and The Prep ‘share’ the Council or does each school have its own governing body?

Why a ‘President’ rather than a Chair of Governors?

How many members make up the full College Council?

How are Council members recruited and selected?

How much are Council members paid?

How long do Council members serve for – is it a ‘job for life’?

What part does the Council play in the day-to-day running of the schools?

Who is the Council answerable to?

How does the Council operate – is it all very secretive, and ‘behind closed doors’?

ISI Reports

ISI Reports

Aims & Policies

Aims & Policies

Our Staff

Our Staff