The Chadwick Programme

The Chadwick Programme

The Chadwick Programme is a year of activities, challenges and experiences designed to help our pupils to develop the skills to lead and succeed both at The Prep and beyond. Everyone takes part in The Chadwick Programme during Year 8. The benefits are not just to our Year 8 pupils, but are felt through the whole school too.

The programme is named after former pupil and racing driver Jamie Chadwick. Jamie is a two-time W Series World Champion and Formula 1 Development Driver. She embodies all of the best attributes that we hope the programme will develop in our pupils.

Every Thursday, pupils take part in a variety of skills based workshops, from first aid and CPR training to life skills such as fixing bikes and learning to cook. Pupils also take an active role in leading the school and helping younger children in lessons and lunchtime activities. The Chadwick Programme provides the opportunity for everyone to take on more responsibility and become proud and active members of our school community.

Click on the video below to see some of the activities which have taken place as part of The Chadwick Programme this year. We hope that the programme will grow even further next year with pupils taking on community projects outside of the school too.

Every week we learn a new skill as part of a fun session. In just one month I have practised CPR, cooked a new meal and learned how to repair a puncture!

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