Unwell Pupils

We have three beds, including an isolation room, where pupils can rest and be monitored whilst waiting for collection or a treatment plan. Pupils are well cared for in House with many minor illnesses. However, if they have diarrhoea and vomiting our expectation is that they are removed from College as soon as possible after they develop symptoms. This may mean that guardians have to collect pupils and care for them until well enough to return. Therefore, please ensure that guardians are aware of this and live within a reasonable radius of College. The unwell pupil will need to stay away from College until they have been clear of all symptoms for 48 hours. This is in accordance with Public Health England Recommendations and is aimed at preventing outbreaks of infectious diseases that can greatly affect a boarding community.



If two-way communication between home and school works well everything runs more smoothly. The obvious link in this chain is the pupil, but on occasions this is not as reliable as we would like and Matron should also be kept informed of changes to your child’s health. If you are sending an email regarding your child’s health to Matron or their Housemaster or Housemistress, please copy to: nurses@cheltenhamcollege.org