Richard Morgan (1940 – 2021)

Cheltenham College is deeply saddened to hear of the death of Richard Morgan, Headmaster of College 1978-1990, yesterday morning, aged 80.

Richard was clearly an imaginative choice for the Headship of College in 1978. He was young, dynamic and keen to bring about change, and in that he did not disappoint. As a Headmaster, Richard was a man of flair, with the personality and conviction to persuade staff and pupils to fulfil their potential in the service of the school. Richard took great joy in the achievements of all pupils at College, with a particular love for sport, drama and music.

Richard’s Headship provided the foundation for many of the values that we recognise at College today, not least the ability of all pupils to achieve their full potential. He steadfastly believed that every pupil had a talent which could be unlocked and that College should be able to develop it to the full. His standards and expectations of those around him were high and as a result, Cheltonians gained an enormous amount from that in every sphere.

We are incredibly grateful for all that Richard and his family contributed to Cheltenham College during his tenure. For Richard, Chapel was the heart of College and we shall remember him as we come together as a school in the place that he loved.

We are collecting messages for a book of condolences to be shared with Richard’s family. Please send any messages to us at or by post to Cheltonian Society, Cheltenham College, Bath Road, Cheltenham GL53 7LD.