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The list of required uniform for The Prep and College, including games kit, can be found at the links below.

All school uniform (except where indicated on the Uniform List) must be purchased from our suppliers, Schoolblazer. There is an easy-to-use sizing guide available on their website. 

Uniform Shop

In addition to Schoolblazer, we have a Uniform Shop where sample items are available for sizing purposes and parents can buy second-hand uniform. Some new items, such as puddle suits, boiler suits, Prep House tops, and both College and Prep ties are also available to purchase. 

Parents are very welcome to deposit current uniform and games kit (Surridge items only for College games kit) with up to date Prep and College crested logos.

All items of clothing which are of a good saleable quality (clean, unmarked, with no holes or broken zips) will be most gratefully received for sale by other parents and pupils. Any uniform items that are deposited for resale should remain named so that for each item of clothing sold, 50% of the selling price can be credited to the parents' school accounts at the end of the academic year. Please note that we are unable to accept any footwear or sports equipment.

To make an enquiry, please contact the Uniform Shop Manager Sona Waddy on 07770 678 698 or who will get back to you when she is available.

Opening Hours

The Uniform Shop will re-open after Half Term on 7 November.


Wednesdays 1.30pm - 4.00pm

Fridays 1.00pm - 3.00pm


In partnership with School Loafer, a specialist provider of trusted brands of school shoes, Cheltenham College has selected a range of shoes that meet uniform requirements. During school holidays, delivery will be to home (for domestic pupils) or to a Boarding House (for international pupils). In term time, all deliveries are routinely sent to Houses for Boarders with the option of home delivery for Day Pupils. There is a sample of each shoe in the Uniform Shop.

Games Kit

All College games kit (except House tops and socks for which separate advice will be given by the Housemaster or Housemistress) is supplied by Surridge Sports and must be purchased from Academy Sports Cheltenham. Online ordering is available or kit can be purchased at their shop on Churchill Road, Cheltenham, GL53 7EG. For rowing kit, please contact George Maitre, Head of Rowing, at