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Fees at Cheltenham College cover many of the costs associated with providing a full education for pupils at College.  They are set and reviewed by  the members of Cheltenham College Council.

Kingfishers – Per Term

Year 1£2,725
Year 2£3,015

The Prep – Per Term

Year 3£6,085£3,995
Year 4£6,340£4,290
Year 5£7,805£6,020
Year 6£7,805£6,020
Year 7£7,930£6,105
Year 8 £7,930£6,105
Flexi-Boarding Overnight Charge £36 per night

College - Per Term


Day Boarding Charge
(35 Night Allowance)

Additional Nights
Lower College (Years 9 - 11)£12,260£9,195£1,800£46 per night
Upper College (Years 12 - 13)£12,590£9,525£1,800£46 per night

Please see our Scholarships, Bursaries & Awards page for information on military family discounts.