Life in our


Life in our Pre-Prep

Our fantastic surroundings mean that every day we have the opportunity to get outside, hear the birds in the trees, explore the wildlife amongst the leaves in Outdoor Learning and discover the amazing world around us!

Cheltenham Pre-Prep is set in beautiful green grounds just a few minutes away from the centre of town. Throughout the year we are always venturing outside to learn through play, explore the world and have lots of fun.

As well as discovering nature, in Years 1 and 2 (Key Stage 1) we have the opportunity to begin fully participating in sports and fixtures too. Our teachers are expert at getting us all involved and moving, the real challenge for them is keeping up with us little ones!

Our Nursery School is next door to our Year 1 and 2 classes. This means that, when the time comes to move up, we are able to move easily through to the main Pre-Prep having already seen and had some interaction with the ‘bigger’ children around the grounds.



A Day in the Life of Pre-Prep

At Cheltenham Pre-Prep we focus all our efforts on supporting your child to learn and grow in an environment that is not just incredibly fun and exciting, but caring and reassuring too.

Rebecca Hughes-Noon, Head of Cheltenham Pre-Prep

Our Activities

Every day is full of activities at Cheltenham Pre-Prep and as we move through the years, we will take part in them all, including Music, Drama, Well-Being, Sport and even French!

Find out below what activities to expect from each step on the Pre-Prep journey.

Nursery School Activities

Reception Activities

Years 1 & 2 Activities


We love using technology in our lessons where we can and our teachers show us how to use it safely too. We will need to understand this more and more as we grow up. Find out more about The Prep approach to digital learning here.

Our Approach to Digital Learning

Our Food

Food is one of the best parts of the day at Cheltenham Pre-Prep.

At meal times we all sit down with our friends at our little tables. Our wonderful chef makes us lots of fantastic hot lunches and healthy snacks.

We begin to learn all about the different types of food together and where they come from. We practice table manners and eating together with our friends. But most importantly we begin developing a healthy relationship with food and mealtimes.

You can view an example menu from our chef here.

View example menu

Our Communication

Your journey home will always be full of exciting stories about the adventures that your child has had that day.

However, we also know that leaving your child in the care of someone else can be daunting. Everyone’s happiness and progress in the Pre-Prep is the result of a partnership between you, your child and the school. We will keep you updated in lots of different ways about all of the fun that we are having each day.

  • Our team are available to speak with you every morning and after school during our flexible drop off and pick up.
  • All of this daily and weekly information is supported by regular development reports and more formal parents’ evenings too.
  • Our online Tapestry Journal provides our Nursery School and Reception parents with regular, secure photos and updates each week about their child’s activities.
  • Our whole school receives a copy of ‘Prep Connected’, our weekly newsletter, containing articles and images from all areas of the school reporting on the exciting things that we have been up to!
  • Our Instagram account is updated regularly, sharing all the fantastic events that are happening around The Prep. Click here to follow us!

The Pre-Prep Journey

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