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Our Houses

Our Houses

A pupil’s House is a home from home where he or she can study, relax and sleep in familiar surroundings.

We have 11 Houses: six boys’ Houses and five girls’ Houses. All are located  around the perimeter of the campus.   

Each House is  led  by a Housemaster or Housemistress who is resident in the House, something that helps to create a warm, family environment. They are supported by a team of resident and non-resident tutors and matrons.

Every House is a small, close-knit community and has a distinctive character all of its own. Each House has an equal amount of year groups within it, with pupils of all ages socialising, mentoring and supporting each other throughout College life.  This creates an environment that alleviates homesickness and encourages strong friendships while also fostering a deep sense of House honour and loyalty.  

You can choose from three different boarding options  for your child.   

  1. As a Full Boarder, your son or daughter will live in his or her Boarding House during term time and return home to you during the holidays and agreed weekends. The full boarding principle is that your child will spend more time boarding in College than at home during term time.   
  2. As a Day Boarder, your son or daughter will be part of a Boarding House and use its facilities during their days here. They will return to your family home each evening but, with prior notice, have the option to board at College for up to 35 days each term.  
  3. As a Day Pupil, your son or daughter will be part of a House and use its facilities during their days here. Day Pupils are just as much a part of House life as Boarders and have the option to take part in the same activities with the exception of the overnight stay. If required, they may also stay overnight up to six times each year, on specific nights agreed with the Housemaster or Housemistress. 

Choosing the right House for your son or daughter is an important decision and one that we will be happy to advise on. As a rule of thumb, if you have a strong House preference, you are advised to register it at least two years before he or she enters the school. House allocations are not confirmed until after the offer of a place has been made in February of Year 7.   

You can find out more about each House below or read our Houses Document (PDF 1.4MB) and follow the links below.

Our Houses:

Boyne House
College Lawn
Newick House