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Learning Support & EAL

Learning Support & EAL

Supporting pupils to learn and fulfil their potential is a key part of the role of College.  

Tutors and House staff provide a high level of pastoral and academic support including one to one tutoring, mentoring sessions, revision clinics, study skills groups and regular reviews. It is a framework that enables every individual to flourish academically and achieve their best.  

It is also a framework that allows us to monitor progress and quickly identify where a pupil would benefit from specific support or the help of specialist teachers.  

Learning support provision  

Where we identify the need for additional support, we provide learning support lessons. As well as building knowledge, these lessons encourage independence by targeting specific skills and exploring a range of techniques and strategies for individual learning styles.  

English as an Additional Language

College’s international pupils for whom English is not their first language receive additional support. We have a department dedicated to ensuring our international pupils develop the necessary language skills and confidence to integrate fully into classroom and College life.  

If your child is joining us at 13+, we will assess his or her language skills before they start so we can provide tailored support in the form of small group lessons. Students joining us at 16+ wishing to continue to university in this country will be entered for the IELTS examination, which is a pre-requisite qualification, and receive specialist support to help them prepare.