Develop & Grow – The Floreat Programme

The health and well-being of our pupils is an integral part of College life at all levels and our Floreat Programme, combined with dedicated people, policies and facilities helps to ensure that the young people in our care are supported to flourish.

Our Floreat Programme uses Cheltonian characteristics to encourage pupils to develop emotionally, socially, and physically and grow in their understanding of themselves and their world.

Failure is feedback for learning
Look after health and wellbeing
Open to opportunities and to others
Resilient: reflect and improve
Effort brings reward
Ambitious to grow in all areas
Trusted and learn for themselves

Pupils have dedicated time every week for self-development using the Floreat programme and a dedicated tutor or resident staff member will have time with each pupil daily. Staff are trained in mental health first aid so, when required, they are equipped to offer practical advice and support. Many also have coaching and mindfulness training.


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