Purchasing an iPad

College is transitioning to all pupils having ‘write-on’ devices over the next few years. All pupils arriving at College will be required to have an iPad, keyboard cover and an Apple Pencil.

Using digital ink allows pupils to create, collaborate and share, both inside and outside of the classroom. iPad technology has been chosen to enable pupils to have inspiring learning experiences but also for its ability to weather the realities of school life including its robustness, battery life, connectivity, cost and ease of communication.

For ease of purchase and induction, parents are strongly encouraged to purchase their device through the College purchasing portal available at www.wearesync.co.uk/portals/cheltenham-college. We recommend you have the device delivered to College directly. Please include the following in the Order Notes at checkout: Pupil Name, IT Department, Cheltenham College, Bath Road, Cheltenham, GL53 7LD.

Devices come at a range of price points and have similar functionality but incremental differences in feel, speed and ease of use. The entry level device is more than adequate with more expensive options having improved ergonomics. Purchasing a device through the portal;

  • Provides piece of mind with a 3-year warranty and a 2-year insurance covering accidental damage backed by the Apple Care service.
  • Ensures that your child’s iPad will be ready for the start of Term with all the necessary software and apps, security and safeguarding protections in place without any unnecessary delays.
  • Takes advantage of education discounts for a new device that can be supported throughout your child’s time at College. We do not prohibit pupils bringing an iPad that has been bought elsewhere, however any iPads not bought through our portal will need to be factory reset on arrival in order to implement College safeguarding and security measures.

iPads will require an Apple Pencil and keyboard cover, must support the latest version of the iPad operating system software and have a screen size of at least 10.2”.

We recommend that iPads are always insured against accidental damage and any policy details and/or proof of purchase details are kept safe in order to facilitate the claims process. All items, including chargers, cases and pencils should be clearly named. It is recommended that any headphones brought to College are iPad compatible. If pupils wish to bring a second device that is not an iPad, as long as the device is handed to our IT support team for software updates, it can be used on our Wi-Fi network.

College has a team of technicians to support pupils with their devices. Should a pupil damage their device, the device must be returned under the conditions of the purchase for repair or replacement. Cheltenham College does not have the facilities to repair hardware and will not replace lost items. However, where possible, a device could be borrowed from College to avoid any impact on learning.

It is also possible to obtain a discount on a range of other Apple devices and accessories from our supplier’s public webstore available online at wearesync.co.uk using the promotional code CHELTENHAM . If you have any questions, please contact the College Information Services team by email at: itsupport@cheltenhamcollege.org

With parents with more than one child at College in mind, current students at College will not be expected to purchase an iPad. However, we do recommend that if an existing device is damaged, it is replaced with an iPad. Pupils will have access to video call services at certain times of the day to allow them to keep in contact with family and friends. A range of media and streaming sites are open to be accessed to allow pupils to explore within the safety of our filters. If you would prefer that your child is not able to access these streaming services, please contact us at: itsupport@cheltenhamcollege.org

Access to College’s Wi-Fi network and filtered internet connectivity requires the installation of our security and management software. This will be removed at the end of the pupil’s time at College.

Pupil safety and wellbeing is our highest priority. Pupil access to the internet is switched off at 22.30 each evening. Third, Fourth and Fifth Form pupils hand their phones in at 21.00. Pupils then have access to devices at 08.00. We believe this is important for pupils sleep and enjoyment of the College experience. In an emergency or by arrangement, pupils can access devices by speaking with staff. Lower College pupils will also not have access to their phones during the school day.

Pupils will need to provide our technicians temporary access to their iPad in order for us to enroll and record it in our device management system. iPads not bought via our purchase portal will be factory reset and must be handed over, logged out of any personal AppleID account.

Pupils will receive a full induction including an explanation on our ICT Pupil Policy. This details our expectations of pupils’ use of ICT while they are at College and is available at www.cheltenhamcollege.org/collegepolicies

Pupils will read this document which includes safe use of personal electronic equipment, cyberbullying and what to do if they need help or support. For a termly fee, College provides all the necessary software to allow pupils to complete their coursework and participate in digital course content. This is currently £8.50 per term but is subject to change depending on site license costs and specialised subject requirements, e.g. Art students will require use of Adobe Photoshop, for which there would be an additional charge. The standard licensing charge covers Microsoft Office, database, security and management software.