Prep Sports kit

2022 and beyond

Looking forward Updated sports kit

Now that we can look ahead with more confidence, we have been making plans to update The Prep sports kit for the coming year, alongside an update of our visual identity too.  

It has been a long time since the sports kit was reviewed as a whole. In recent years kit, fabrics and colours have become incredibly varied. Parents have been required to respond on a piecemeal and ad hoc basis to new items of sports kit being issued, without being able to plan effectively. Therefore, from September 2022, all Prep and College sports kit will be updated to ensure consistency of appearance and performance, as well as to standardise as many items as possible across both schools.

In the first year only one item, the match day tops for boys and girls, will be compulsory.

Please click each of the boxes below to find about the key changes that are to come.

Our new sports kit

Our new sports kit has been updated to standardise items and ensure consistency of appearance across both The Prep and College.

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Our visual identity

We have introduced an updated logo at the same time as the sports kit review. Please click below to preview the updated school identity.

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Key details about the changes

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Which items are being standardised between The Prep and College?

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My child partakes in sports that are not covered by the core sports kit offering – is there updated kit available for these sports?

What is happening to all of the old sports kit?