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How is the Nursery School coming along…?

If you are interested in our new Nursery School, and would like to keep up-to-date with how the build is coming along, then you are in the right place!

We will be updating this page as often as we can with updates from the Nursery School build. Scroll down to see the updates so far!

31.03.22 What a Difference a Month Makes

Here at The Prep, the Nursery School is really starting to take shape! it is incredibly exciting to see this amazing building come to life, and to be able to see the huge amount of space our little ones will have available to them in September.

Scroll through the photos below to see the recent progress made on the building site!

29.03.22 We LOVE a timelapse update!

We are so excited every day here at The Prep as we get to watch the new Nursery School come to life before our very eyes! Here’s a quick timelapse video showing the progress to date…

23.02.22 A Crane Has Arrived!

Pupils and staff were very excited to see a huge crane arrive on site today! The crane will be helping to install the large structural beams that will carry the Nursery School roof. Pupils from Pre-Prep took a walk down to the edge of the site to take a look (from a safe distance) and thought it was amazing to see the shape of the building starting to come together.


07.02.22 Ten Lorry Loads…

Seventy concrete piles were driven into position – a concrete pile is a long cylinder that is pushed into the ground to act as a steady support for our structure. The ring beam is cast around the perimeter ready for a reinforced concrete slab to be formed. Ten lorry loads of concrete were pumped into position today to complete the ring beam and now the piling works are complete.

02.02.22 How’s it Looking…

Some of our current Nursery pupils headed back along to the building site to see how it was all going. They decided that the builders were still doing a ‘good job’ and that they were happy with the progress. These important observations were made just in time for lunch!

18.01.22 Timelapse Update!

At various points throughout the build, we will be bringing you an exciting visual update direct from the site! Our timelapse camera is set up to document the progress of the build, and it’s fantastic to see the progress so far. The video below shows the progress made up until 18 January 2022. As you can see, the Head’s house which originally stood on the site has been demolished, and the site has been cleared in readiness for the new Nursery School.

14.01.22 Look at All Those Pipes…

Some of our current Nursery School pupils decided to check up on the progress of the new building. They were very excited to see the builders digging and working on the groundworks.


12.01.22 Now You See It… Now You Don’t!

The biggest visual change to the site so far… the Head’s house has now been demolished to make way for the Nursery School!


10.01.22 Brightening Up the Building Site

The Nursery School building site is looking a little brighter with the recent addition of these branded fence covers!

22.11.22 And So It Begins…

It’s official… the builders are on site and the work is underway! Our new Nursery School will be opening in September 2022!

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